Essential Digital

Essential Digital Skills

Essential Digital Skills (Entry 3 to Level 1)

At Entry level 3, the focus is on developing digital skills for life and introducing learners to digital skills for work.
At Level 1 the focus is primarily on digital skills for work with a secondary focus on digital skills for life. Many of the digital skills learners will acquire through these qualifications will be applicable in both life and work settings.

The Essential Digital Skills standards are:

  • Using devices and handling information (includes how to store information)
  • Creating and editing
  • Communicating online (such as via Social Media)
  • Transacting (buying) online activities
  • Being responsible, safe and legal online

This is a free course that we provide to our learners who complete our bespoke funded Traineeship training programme.

Page last reviewed/updated: 16.04.2021

This during of this qualification is over a period of 45 hours.  

This qualification is currently only available through the delivery of our Traineeship programme.